Cross-country skiing

What more could you want ... Šumava snowy plains, glittering thousands of ice crystals. Each time you exhale, a puff of steam is released into the air. Man glides and glides through the world of silence and his thoughts calm down. He just wakes the landscape with an empty head ....

The diverse landscape of the Šumava Mountains also offers various cross-country trails around Brčálník. Running tracks for families with children, which are easy and comfortable as well as very demanding variants with ascents and descents. Fairytale cross-country trails through deep forests and cross-country trails in higher altitudes, where skiers will enjoy not only the sun but also beautiful views. The best and most comprehensive information portal on cross-country track modifications is

Tips for cross-country skiing trips 

Železná Ruda > Jezero Laka > Gerlova Huť > Železná Ruda Celková délka: cca 28 km
Description: Železná Ruda => Debrník 1,5km => Zámecký Les 2,3km =>Vodní kanál 6,1km =>Hůrka 1km =>Jezero Laka 1,5km => Hůrka 1,5 km => Ascherlack 6,5 km => Gerlova Huť 1,5 km => Sklářský Vrch 2,4 km => Samoty 2,8 km => Železná Ruda 1 km

Železná Ruda > Gerlova Huť > Hofmanky > Belveder > Železná Ruda Celková délka: cca 19 km
Description: Železná Ruda => Samoty 1km => Na Pošťáku 5,4 km => Gerlova Huť 2,9 km => Nový Brunst 1,5 km => Stará Hájovna 1 km => Hofmanky 3,5 km => Belveder 2,3 km => Železná Ruda 1 km

Železná Ruda > Belveder > Hofmanky > Pancíř > Můstek Celková délka: cca 9,5 km
Description: Železná Ruda => Belveder 1 km => Hofmanky 3,5 km => Pancíč 1,8 km => Tomandlův Křížek 0,4 km => Můstek 2,7 km

Špičácké Sedlo > pod Pancířem > Hojsova Stráž (Zámeček) Celková délka: cca 8 km
Description: Špičácké sedlo > pod Pancířem > Hojsova Stráž (Zámeček) Běžecký okruh Belveder Celková délka: cca 5 km

Cross-country skiing track under Ski centre Špičák Celková délka: 3 km
Description: Flat circuit on meadows at the foot of Špičák.


Hundreds of kilometers of marked bike paths and other forest roads without traffic are a real eldorado for cyclists.

Železnorudsko by bike is suitable both for less able cyclists and families with children (eg the route around Řezná), as well as for cyclists - climbers. They can test their condition by going to Pancíř, Poledník, Falkenstein or even to the highest mountain of the Šumava and the Bavarian Forest - Velký Javor. And those who can do it easily can test their strength with others at the regular Šumava Marathon. If you don't want to pedal uphill, you can use the system of connecting bus and train connections or the cable car to Pancíř or Špičák, which carry bicycles. You will find excursion destinations both in the Czech Republic and in neighboring Bavaria.

Tips for a bike trip

On the ridge: PANCÍŘ - MŮSTEK - PRENET

Take a bus to Špičák, under the chairlift. It will take you to the top of Pancíř, where you can strengthen yourself before the next hike or, depending on the weather, use the lookout tower. From Pancíř, the red markings will lead you to Tomandlova Křížka and already along the ridge to the top of Můstek. With its altitude of 1234 m, it forms the highest peak of the Pancířský ridge. Earlier, one of the oldest Czech trade routes to Bavaria also led here, and until recently there was also a tourist hut, which unfortunately burned down today. From the bridge, let yourself continue along the red road to Prenet, only a few kilometers away, where you will have the opportunity to sit in the mountain pension Prenet and relax before 4 km, but now follow the green sign. It will take you down a slightly steeper descent to the train station in Zelená Lhota.


Šumava offers unique conditions for a holiday full of experiences.  

You can enjoy nature, find yourself or even try the limits of your possibilities. Whether you decide to penetrate the fascinating world of the mountains on your own or take a comfortable cable car ride there, you will find unforgettable experiences from discovering deep green forests and warm lakes with crystal clear water. The fact that Šumava is a tourist paradise is true and everyone who likes walks, hikes and wanderings should try it. Easier and more demanding routes and trips are offered by Šumava and the Šumava Mountains everywhere you look.

Tips for a trip

Educational trail Brčálnické wetlands 

A 4.5-kilometer-long circular nature trail begins near the Hojsova Stráž - Brčálník train stop. 

Black Lake Black Lake is the largest in Šumava.

It got its name from the seemingly black color of the lake water, created by the reflection of the surrounding dense forests. 

Devil's Lake 

The lake lies on the southern slope of Jezerní hora at an altitude of 1030 m above sea level. According to legend, the devil is said to have drowned here.

Hřebenovka Pancíř - Můstek - Prenet 

A total of 16 km. A beautiful trip suitable for families with children. 

Small Maple Lake - Kleiner Arbersee 

There is an interesting hiking trail around the lake - a circular walk lasts ¾ h. The lake is suitable for swimming.

To Velký Ostrý via Svaroh and Velký Kokrháč

from the German side Ridge hike offering beautiful views. 

15 km educational trail through Úhlavský luh (Hamry)

Educational trail from Hamry to Ostrý. 

There and back a total of 12 km. On route 14 stops. You will get acquainted with the history of the village of Hamry, the Royal Forest and the Ostrý Mountains, with the local flora and fauna. 

NS - History of the village Špičák, Železná Ruda Nature trail, length 6.8 km 

NS - Grouse Trail, Železná Ruda Educational trail, trail length 5.8 km, on the way from Železná Ruda and back 14.6 km. At five stops, he discusses the life of the grouse, which in the Czech Republic in the viable population occurs only in the Bohemian Forest. 

Pancíř, lookout tower on Pancíř (1214 m.) One of the most beautiful views of the Šumava Mountains opens from the top of Pancíř. We will have a view of Šumava and far to Bavaria.

Stříbrná hora - Silberberg (955 m n.m.)

Velké Javorské jezero - Grosser Arbersee

Velký a Malý Falkenstein (1312 a 1190 m n.m.)

Velký a Malý Ostrý (1293 m.n.m., 1266 m.n.m.)

The striking double peak of Ostrý reaches 1293 m above sea level. and is located on the state border with Germany. From the top of Ostrý there is a beautiful view on both sides of the border into the surrounding countryside.

Nýrsko water reservoir 

The dam was built in 1969, by flooding the Úhlav Valley. The dam serves as a reservoir of drinking water for Klatovy, Domažlice and Pilsen.

Bílá strž 

The highest Šumava waterfall is located in the valley of Bílý potok at an altitude of 940 m above sea level. 

Black Gorge - waterfall Waterfall on the Black Lake. 

Lake Laka 

The smallest and shallowest of the eight Šumava glacial lakes. 

The ruins of the castle Pajrek

It is a castle ruin 2.5 km from Nýrsko. The castle was founded in the 14th century, the seat of the robber knight Jindřich Kostomlatský. 

Klenová Castle and Chateau, gallery 

The ruins of a castle thirteen kilometers southwest of Klatovy. Together with the adjacent chateau and the complex of buildings in the castle grounds, it is now managed by the Klatovy / Klenová Gallery. 

Spicak railway tunnel (1747 meters) 

Between the Brčálník stop and the Špičák station, the railway line under Špičácký sedlo passes through a 1,747-meter-long tunnel.